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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Kind of Knife do I need ?

Knives.  What are they? What are they used for?  What kind are they?  Who makes them? Where did it come from?  Will it work like a screw driver? These are the questions and more I hear each week.  This is a simple article for the simple shopping person.

First lets start here.  If you need a knife to save the world, take down a tree, dismantle Godzilla or build a fortress, WAL-MART does not sell it.  Lol.  But in any case no knives can do what I just asked. 

Simple.  If you don't know your knife steels go to your apps on your phone, most are free and download free knife steel chat.  I use it at gun shows all the time to answer questions and show people what I am saying to assist them.

Then when buying a knife start here.

1. Do I want a fixed bladed knife or a folding pocket knife?

2. Do I want all USA or anything made but quality?

3. What is my budget?

4. Does it fit in my hand right?

5. Is it too much knife or too little for my needs?

6. Sheath, leather, Kydex or Nylon?

7. How much will I use it?

8. What are my local and State laws?

9. Whats the warranty?

10. What Steel is in it?

Okay I am no expert but these simple steps ( They don't have to be in order) can help you.  I deal with question like this every week.  When someone comes to buy and looks confused I ask them these questions.  Why because I care.  I have talked people down on buying and not wasting money. 

But before I close this article.  Here is to the guys.  Some of you are the worst ones in shopping with your wives or girlfriends.  I see it every week.  You own the great AR-15 or Ak-47.  You have the top of the line parts and ammo.  The Max Expedition gear and a Cold Steel Tanto.  You're the weekend warrior Rambo Steven Segal Chuck Norris Bruce Lee bad ass.  You bring your wife to my table and say look you need the a good knife dear.  These are the best.  (I sell Svord, ZT, Esee, Mora, Dustar and few others) Then you see the prices $20-$180.00 and your start sweating and shuddering. 

"Hey lets look around some"  The wife says "I like this one"....You then walk away and she strolls behind you. 

Hey I know dude, Get you the best and leave her with crap.  What a man.  Lol.  So at the end to the ladies.  Look into what you are buying as well.  Do you want a fake Diamond? Or for a few dollars more the real deal to last and stand up for your needs. 

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