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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simple Thinking To Surviving

We get out of bed everyday and the same routine kicks in.  Shower, eat and work.  We finish work and if you are in the high percentage of Americans.  Home, eat and T.V.

Our fast paced world involving our lives makes it easy to eat out and rush , rush , rush.  We prepare for disasters and storms we hear on the news when we turn the T.V. on.  We say " Its going to rain today" Crap more snow etc:

A couple of years ago my step son worked at a prison in Georgia. Snow and ice had set in the morning early.  He needed to drive up the North I-85 towards Greenville to get home.  Well between the wrecks on the road and the snow , ice and Georgia Highway Patrol working wrecks it was shut down.  Not only the slight incline he had to drive to get to the Exit 211..  he could see it from his Ford Ranger while stopped.  It was dark and a  dead stop. 

Well so happens we saw him when he arrived home 14 hours later.  His experience , had to shut of the engine to save gas.  So did everyone else.  Did a pack of smokes keep you warn ?  No ! Polyester pants, work shirt, tee shirt and jacket a little until the cold made into the cab and after several hours made it through the clothing. 

So come forward I personalty am the paranoid one to several friends and family members.  Why?  Well I have a small bag in the back seat of my truck.  Well I drive a Dodge 1500 Quad cab.  So the bag takes up hmmm 1 foot. 

Well in my bag I have a heat shield blanket, water purification,  sterno, head wrap, flashlight, knives (2), Coast Guard food ration bars, medical kit, signal mirror, compass, fire starter set, cotton and few other things. 

I believe this bag I put together cost me under $100.00.  Took me 10 minutes to build.  Yes I do own a shop so that was my advantage and I can add, change or make whatever I want and when.  But you have that option too. 

So next time you tell the family money is tight.  But you eat out, take them for pizza,  add 500 bullets to your stash of 10,000 rounds because the black helicopters are coming. Don't waste a thought on having something simple on the side to assist you or your family. 

Last if you do take my advice, be sure to point the finger at a someone like I did,,, my step son and say "I told you so" .  Course I did that after a few days of him warming up and not being pissed off at the world. 

  Marc Lacrimosa

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  1. Nice real life example of what can happen in everyday life. It comes on unexpectedly and if you're not prepared, well...
    Would of liked to see a photo of your go-bag posted